Above the sky of Boboyo

Dear friends, dear partners and supporters,

Stefan Wellesen im Einsatz für ident.africa e.V.today we have to make a very sad announcement. Our member of the board Stefan Wellensen died much to early and very unexpectedly. We are still looking for the right words in order to  give our consternation the right and proper expression. We are not only mourning for a valuable member of ident.africa, but rather for a very good friend.

Stefan Wellensen was an early and very important member of ident.africa. He was actively supporting ident.africa since 2004. He was keeping an eye on the financials of the association year over year, while initiating creative new projects. Thanks to his organisational talent involved in the soccer tournament “Kick4Boboyo” we were able to bring a lot of people in Cologne together and to demonstrate them our project in Cameroon.

We will miss Stefans loveable character, his competence and his willingsness to help very much. The gap that is left by Stefan is big – not only within our association. All the more our honest sympathy goes out to his family.

Fred-Eric Essam
Dr. Philipp Karutz
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Pawlak
Madlen Ehrlich