Strategic Alliances

The Comité de Dévelopement de Boboyo, short CODEBO, is kind of a representative organization for the local population. It allows the involvement of the citizens in a democratic way during decision processes. CODEBO analyses the urgency of projects and carries out their planning, coordination and the monitoring at site.

SES – Senior Expert Service
The Senior Expert Service from Bonn gives the opportunity to pensioners to pass their skills and knowledge to others in Germany and also abroad. For the projects of we were lucky to be able to trust on volunteers from the SES that help us with the installation of a photovoltaic system and computers.

Foundation Bethléem de Mouda
The Bethléem Foundation is an organization that is involved with the support of mentally and physically disabled people in the north of Cameroon. Starting with baby and child care, continuing with school education and up to carrer training the organization has created a wonderful environment for the development of the people. The school benches for our supported schools are crafted in the training workshop of this organization. Furthermore, the Bethléem Foundation carries out the drilling and the installation of clean water wells.