Education is the key to information and the ability to act. Only with a solid school education it is possible to take part in the social and economic life, which consequently allows the improvement of the quality of life. Following the second millennium development aim of the United Nations – primary education for everyone – it is the clearly stated aim of to allow all children of the Mayo-Kani district this primary education.

School supplies

Schulbedarf Schulfest Schulranzen

Satchel, exercise books, pens, slates, chalk- this basic equipment for school kids cannot be afforded by many parents. Therefore, organizes a big school festival in Boboyo every year in cooperation with CODEBO, where the school kids receive school bags filled with school equipment.

Books, scholarships and girls support program

Stipendium, Deutschbücher, Französischbücher

A very good school performance is rewarded by us – the 30 best children of all school classes receive books for the main subjects Maths, French, History and Expertise. The best school kids of each school year attending the subject German receive a selected book of the German literature. Furthermore, pays there school fees in order to unburden the parents.
In terms of access to education girls still have a disadvantage. Especially, if their parents only have limited money, they prefer to continue the financing of their boys, while the girls have to leave the school. We want to increase girls chances for a good education by especially supporting school girls in Boboyo.


School benches

Schulbänke für die Klassenzimmer

There are still a lot of school kids that do not have the privilege to sit on a school bench: instead the sit on stones or the bare floor. However, in order to follow the teachers instruction and to write, the class rooms must be equipped with school benches. For the production of the benches we work together with the Bethlehem Foundation in Mouda.

Support of teachers

Unterstützung der Lehrer in Kamerun

The governmental education system of Cameroon often neglects the ones that are responsible for the qualified education of the children – the teachers. Therefore, in many schools the parents pay a small fee financing a part of the teachers salary. Additionally, pays the yearly salary of 9 technical and didactic competent teachers that are additionally committing to the community of Boboyo.
For an optimal learning success of the children the applied school material is of high importance. Hence, provides not only school books, but also exercise books, pens, chalk and technical equipment, such as printers.

Accouterment with computers and internet

Computer EDV-Unterricht Kamerun

Most schools in Cameroon do not have access to computers, printers and scanners, although the knowledge of how to handle a PC is as important for the youth of Cameroon as it is for the German youth. With computers the school kids get the opportunity to look up information for the class on their own. Considering the almost complete absence of libraries computers are an enormous advantage for the whole school, including the teachers. On site selected teachers are specially trained to maintain the computers they receive with the aid of