Madlen Ehrlich appointed to become a member of the board

Following the unexpected death of Stefan Wellensen in July 2013, the Fred-Eric Essam and Philipp Karutz appointed Madlen Ehrlich to be a member of the executive committee of Madlen is going to be responsible for finance.

After joining the NGO, Madlen re-designed the website and since then manages the content. She also designed new flyers and works as a photographer:
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School celebration in Boboyo
Construction of a local health centre
Kick4Boboyo – soccer event in Cologne

Fred-Eric Essam, founder and member of the board: “Madlen and I work closely together for more than three years. I’m glad she is going to be part of the executive committee as well.”

Group photo with MadlenMadlen Ehrlich: “In 2010 I travelled to Cameroon to get an idea of how successful the projects of are. I was really impressed by the professionality of the NGO and the respect and appreciation of the people there. Therefore I decided to join the NGO to support them. Being elected as a member of the board is a great honour!”