Preschool for 100 Cameroonian children in traditional design. Günter Nooke, Representative of the German Chancellor on African issues at the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development, supports architecture project of the Cologne association as patron.

Cologne, 22/12/2011 – For a joint project RWTH Aachen University, Cologne association e.V. could enlist Günter Nooke, Personal Representative of the German Chancellor on African issues, as patron. With the help of architecture experts from Cameroon and Germany, a preschool in traditional design, meeting climate induced aspects and using building materials from the surroundings shall come to existence in 2012. This promises an economical use of resources and thereby conforms to the objective of sustainability.
“Exciting about this project is the combination of tradition and modernity. Students of the Cameroonian university of Maroua share their knowledge about local architectural design with German students of the RWTH Aachen University, which in turn incorporates their know-how about modern architecture”, Günter Nooke explains. “This way, a preschool with an innovative and sustainable concept will emerge for the infantile education of 100 boys and girls”.

The construction of the preschool requires about 60.000 EUR. Fred-Eric Essam, founder of e.V. and Cameroonian by birth: “We are very happy that we could enlist Günter Nooke as patron. We still lack the financial resources. Every contribution counts.” The foundation stone ceremony is planned for February 2011. has created an own web page for donations with the title “A preschool for Boboyo” at

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