FairZülpich e.V. shows social responsibility in Boboyo

The association from Zülpich is a strategic partner of ident.africa e.V. and demonstrates social responsibility both locally and sustainably in Boboyo in the simplest way. Since 2011 FairZülpich e.V. supports financially and ideally the educational project of ident.africa in northern Cameroon. The contact came through Hannah Warrach, then a student of architecture at the RWTH Aachen University.

It started in early 2011 with a research project of the RWTH Aachen University and the University of Maroua in North Cameroon. On the one hand, the research project systematically recorded local architectures and traditional building methods. The focus was on consistently using the knowledge gained in a practical implementation for the construction of the preschool in the Cameroonian town of Boboyo. Fred-Eric Essam initiated the project.

The Zülpich association FairZülpich e.V. supports the activities of the Cologne association ident.africa e.V. regularly with activities such as concerts, a “Boboyo Day” at the Green Week in Zülpich, coffee evenings, etc….

For the board of FairZülpich e.V. based in Zülpich, it was a matter of the heart. Through the voluntary work in the association FairZülpich e.V. and in the café of the same name, it is possible for members to support projects of other associations and organisations financially. Since 2011 FairZülpich has directly supported more than 1,000 pupils with schoolbags, books, exercise books and pens. More than 6,000 euros have been made available for education projects in and around Boboyo. For example, Kassile’s school was completely renovated, 400 school desks were made by local carpenters, teachers were hired and the necessary teaching materials were provided. The board of the association Finanziell und ideel was also strongly committed to the acquisition of school desks or the construction of the solar plant in Boboyo. “I am therefore very pleased to have gained FairZülpich as another strategic partner for our projects.” So far, around 2,000 pupils from the small village of Boboyo have used the support from Zülpich.

About ident.africa e.V.
With the slogan “Education is the key to information and capacity to act” ident.africa supports various educational projects in North Cameroon. Founded in July 2004 by Fred-Eric Essam as a non-profit non-governmental organisation (NGO), the Cologne-based association is committed to children living in poverty in the village of Boboyo. The goal is to provide all Boboyo’s children with a secure and solid basic education by 2015 and a better future as a result.

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