Clean drinking water for preschool children in BOBOYO

Zugang zu sauberem TrinkwasserContaminated water from rivers and lakes is the most common cause of the diarrhoea cholera. This makes access to clean drinking water all the more important. ident. africa therefore has a fountain drilled at various schools and thus ensures the water supply of several thousand pupils, school staff and local residents.

With the slogan “Education is the key to success”, is committed to various educational projects in Cameroon. This also includes improving the framework conditions for pupils, for example by providing them with clean drinking water.

For water, pupils in the north of Cameroon have to walk long distances every day. Not only do they miss part of their school lessons, they also have to carry the water back to school in heavy canisters or jugs. Commitment to education also means improving the general framework conditions of pupils. For ident. africa, A fountain with clean drinking water are definitely one of them. ”

The construction of drinking water fountains for schools in northern Cameroon is one of the priorities for the coming months and years, and we would like to ask you for donations and support.

Please help us with a donation so that the children of Boboyo Preschool are protected against illnesses in the long term.

ident. africa has set up its own donation page for the project under the motto “A Preschool for Boboyo” on
Clean drinking water for preschool children – A Fountain for BOBOYO

You can also transfer your donations directly to the ident. africa e. V. donation account. Your donation is tax-deductible!

Account holder: e.V.
IBAN: DE90 3705 0198 1901 9219 30

Konto-Nr.: 1901921930
BLZ: 370 501 98
Name of the bank: Sparkasse Köln Bonn

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