Yingli Namene West Africa Ltd. donates light for education in Boboyo

In Africa, the imparting of necessary knowledge often fails because of basics, as for example the difficulty to learn and do homework in the evening after sunset. Therefore the Ghanaian company Yingli Namene West Africa Ltd. donated 240 solar lamps to school children in Boboyo at the beginning of November this year. The result is impressive!

Boboyo students are happy about solar lamps – light for education

The joint project of ident.africa and Yingli Namene West Africa Ltd. aims to support and strengthen education for children in rural areas and will significantly improve their school performance. The donation initiative came about following a conversation between Fred-Eric Essam’s and his long-time friend Firmin Nkamleu Ngassam, now Managing Director of Accra-based company Yingli Namene West Africa Ltd. Firmin Ngassam studied in Germany and decided in 2004 to bring back to Africa the knowledge he had gained in Germany, especially in photovoltaic technology. Today he is employing a young team of engineers and technicians in his company in Accra, the capital of Ghana. His main activity is the consulting and implementation of photovoltaic systems for power production, both for governmental organizations and private companies.

“CREDIT: Namene Solar Light Company”

Firmin Ngassam said, “We sell one of the most cost-effective, highest-quality solar lamps, the SM100, to people worldwide who have no access to electricity.” He adds: “Especially equipping students and disadvantaged people, especially in rural Africa, with portable solar lamps is one of my most important social engagements. “I can only agree with this,” says Carolin Stähler, Communications Director of Solar Light Company, which produces the SM100 solar lamp and distributes it worldwide. “We also see our SM100 as a contribution to enabling people to participate in education in accordance with the UN Sustainability Goal (SDG) 4 “High-quality education”. In addition to the positive effects on education, we also see our SM100 as a healthy and sustainable alternative to the extremely climate-hostile and very harmful kerosene lamps”.

“CREDIT: Namene Solar Light Company”

For Fred-Eric Essam, the initiative is just in time. “In doing so, these students can do their homework better and learn longer, even after dark”. Essam continues: “In Boboyo we have put a photovoltaic plant into service, but this is not enough to supply the entire village of Boboyo and the individual households with electricity. That’s why the population is looking forward to every support in matters of education,” because “education is the key to Africa’s youth. That’s what we are committed to at ident.africa.”

About Yingli Namene West Africa Ltd.

Yingli Namene Solar is an international solar photovoltaic company with a strong focus on off-grid and off-grid energy solutions in sub-Saharan Africa. Yingli Namene West Africa (YNWA) is a subsidiary of Yingli Namene Solar, based in Ghana, which provides affordable and reliable solar power to companies and communities in West Africa by developing both open space solar power systems and commercial rooftop systems and solar parks in the region. For more information, visit: yinglinamene.com.

About Namene Solar Light Company Ltd.

„CREDIT: Namene Solar Light Company“

Namene Solar Light Company Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Yingli Namene Solar Ltd, manufactures and distributes one of the most affordable and highest-quality entry-level solar lamps, the SM100, to people worldwide who have no or no reliable access to electricity. The SM100 is a multifunctional solar lamp that particularly meets the basic needs of low-income families who live without access to electricity, i.e. have a cost-effective and safe source of light for their activities such as reading, cooking, walking or cycling at night, working in the evening or a night light. At the same time, the SM100 solar lamp is also used as emergency aid in humanitarian crises. More information can be found at: namenesolarlight.com

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