Pupils from Mosbach donate about 2.100 Euro for schoolbags and school benches in Cameroon

At the end of 2010 the Augusta-Bender-School in Mosbach (Baden-Württemberg) collected donations for the basic school equipment for the pupils of the village Boboyo in the north or Cameroon. For three month the pupils and teachers of each class sold muffins, waffles, cake, crepes, Christmas cards, calendars and other things. The income of 2094,32 Euros was handed over to Fred-Eric Essam, the founder and director of the association ident.africa, during the Christmas celebration in the St. Cäcilia church.

The fund-raising campaign was initiated by the head of school Birgit Bader under the motto “We for Africa”. It was also her, who got in contact with ident.africa and its director Fred-Eric-Essam. With the donation money from the Augusta-Bender-School school bags for 50 pupils and 30 school benches for approximately 90 pupils will be organized.

“This is the best, what I have done together with a school so far” said Fred-Eric Essam about the engagement of the pupils. “As soon as I have the pictures of the handover of bags and benches, I will return and report about the success in Boboyo.”