New training centre gives 47 women career opportunities as tailors


The new Boboyo training centre in Cameroon will be launched at the beginning of 2017. In just 12 months, 47 young women will be trained as tailors free of charge and subsequently supported in setting up their own businesses. The Cologne association ident. africa e.V. supports the training programme and those women who want to become self-employed with sewing machines.

naehstube-gross-3Begining October 2016, more than 50 women had already registered for an apprenticeship as a dressmaker. However, due to the spatial capacities in the multifunctional centre of Boboyo, only 47 young women were able to start their training this year. A teacher and a teacher are available to take care of the theoretical and practical part of the lessons. Their salaries will be taken over by the Munich Heider-Kober Foundation in 2017.

It is planned that the trainees will produce school uniforms, school bags, tablecloths and simple clothes for the local population in a much better quality. The young women intend to reinvest part of the proceeds from the sale of the textiles in joint projects later on, and to support their families financially with the other part.

naehstube-gross-2In 2011 ident. africa had already launched a similar project called “Sewing room Mama Marie”. Unfortunately, the coordinator and instructor assigned at that time could not live up to the expectations. The project had to be discontinued. Together with CODEBO, the local village organisation, Fred-Eric Essam, Chairman of ident. africa, has now relaunched the initiative. Since the CODEBO, the coordination on site has been taking over. On his last trip to Boboyo, Fred-Eric Essam made it absolutely clear that he would make the implementation and success of the project a top priority.

During his visit, Fred-Eric Essam appealed to the whole village:”We have already invested a lot in Boboyo, now we must act and help people to help themselves become reality. He went on to say: “Women are important actors and partners in the development of families and thus Boboyo’s whole village. Giving them a voice and career opportunities is our highest priority.”