New source of enegery for cooking: The German embassy provided 10,000 Euro for 10 biogas plants in Boboyo

Biogas is a clean and efficient alternative to log fire. Therefore the NGO and the German embassy in Cameroon donate small biogas plants for 10 women in Boboyo. On top of that, every women received 7 sheeps, whose dung will be transformed into biogas.

The open log fire for cooking is still very common in Boboyo and the surrounding area. Women and children have to collect firewood a couple of times per week by walking quite far distances. This is pretty exhausting and hard for them. The toxic smoke causes respiratory problems and und inflammation of the eyes. On top oft that, the need for firewood harms the environment. Cutting branches and felling trees reduces the tree population near villages and cities.

Annette Coly, Chief of Cooperation at the German embassy, visits a biogas plant under construction
Biogas is a sustainable and renewable form of energy. The domestic biogas plants improve the quality of life of the women. They reduce the women’s daily workload and help to maintain their health. At the same time, biogas plants reduce the carbon footprint.
In Boboyo, 10 women were selected for this new project. Each of them gets 1 biogas plant and 7 sheeps. The cost of the project are arround 15,000 Euro and were funded by the Cologne-based NGO and the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Cameroon. Mrs. Annette Coly, Chief of Cooperation at the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Yaoundé, took the chance to visit Boboyo during her project trip in December 2013. Together with Madlen Ehrlich, board member of, she had a look at the biogas plant at the house of Lassiri Yadia Marie. At that time, the biogas plant was still under construction.

The project is intended to be a mentoring program. Women who already have a biogas plant and know how to use it, are supposed to advices other women. The sheeps provided are breeding animals. The offspring should be shared with other women in Boboyo.