Klaus Juschka left the board of FairZülpich e.V. with a donation for Boboyo

Zülpich, 02. April 2019
It was an emotional speech when Klaus Juschka, acting chairman of FairZülpich e.V., spoke and presented the activities of the past years and the aid projects supported by the association for several years worldwide presented. In addition to the partnership with various development aid organisations, the activities of the association and the development of the World Shop with its attached café played an important role.

The partnership with ident.africa became very important. Fred-Eric Essam, chairman of the association, was invited by Klaus Juschka not only to the general meeting to talk about the activities of the association in Cameroon. He also donated 1.000 Euro to the association ident.africa. In 2014 – on the initiative of Hannah Warrach – the partnership between FairZülpich and ident.africa had begun. At the time, the Zülpich young lady was an architecture student at the Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule (RWTH) Aachen. Together with fellow students Hannah travelled to the village Boboyo several times and took part in a special project: She helped to build the preschool in Boboyo in the north of Cameroon – or rather the first part of the preschool. FairZülpich provided a large donation to insure the begining of this project. Klaus Juschka pointed out the many joint successful projects, fruits of the excellent cooperation with ident.africa, such as the donation to pupils in the form of textbooks, school desks and the payment of assistant teachers.

Also that Fred-Eric Essam once cooked for 40 members and friends of the association should not be forgotten. After ten years as chairman of FairZülpich e.V., Klaus Juschka was happy to make a donation to Fred-Eric Essam. The money will be used to support the “Self-Employment project for Young Women in Cameroon”. The project serves to promote the independence and self-responsibility of young women, with the aim of overcoming family poverty. The young women will receive sewing machines, which they urgently need, as start-up capital to set up their own business. Textiles that they can be used to produce school uniforms, school bags, bed linen, tablecloths and simple clothes are sold to the local population.

About Fairzülpich
The non-profit association “FairZülpich e.V.” was founded at the end of 2003 as the result of cooperation between the “ecumenical working group One World” of the two churches in Zülpich and the working group “Health and Social Affairs” in the marketing working group of the city of Zülpich. Further information on the FairZülpich e.V. association and the associated World Shop, which exclusively offers fair trade products from the “Third World”, can be found at www.fairzuelpich.net