Computers for the pupils of Lara

The pupils of the village Lara, approximately 20 minutes away from Boboyo, are from now on able to be taught in the handling of a computer and they also have a free internet access. In order to arrange this and Manfred Hambrock organized 15 computers, keyboards, computer mice, a laser printer and a network switch for the internet connection. The installation at site was carried out by Manfred Hambrock himself, a retired industrial business administrator and a volunteer at the Senior Expert Service (SES Bonn).

The IT classes and the access to the internet is as important to pupils from Cameroon as it is for German pupils, especially since there are no libraries available in most villages. Most of the schools in Cameroon cannot afford the luxury of having a library. collects used computers of a maximum age of three tok four years and ships them to Cameroon in order to support the children and teens also in the IT area.

The installation at site was carried out by Manfred Hambrock for the fourth time. Additionally, Manfred educated the teachers to independently setup, connect, configure, maintain and repair the computers. “Despite the challenging circumstances the installation of the computers in Lara worked fine. Through the support of the population, especially the King of Lara and the teachers, we were able to hand over a fully functional computer class room after two weeks of work”, explains Manfred Hambrock.

The teachers were additionally taught the handling of Microsoft Word and Excel and the use of the internet, especially the free online encyclopedia Wikipedia. All teachers received a certificate from Manfred Hambrock after their successful participation and can now pass on their knowledge to the pupils of Lara.

Through the cooperation between Manfred Hambrock and three more schools in the city of Maroua received computers for their IT classes.

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